They will say Men are bad

I was supposed to travel for work today, I woke up, got ready and told my wife I am going that I need cash to board the bus, that I will do transfer, she said she doesn’t have anytime that I am the one traveling. It’s one wahala or the other and I am doing it all for them, she has a shop, that I opened for her, she sells provisions in bulk so she has lot of cash at hand, she said she doesn’t have. I was looking for my ID card because that is where my ATM is, maybe I can quickly rush to the bank and withdraw, our two years old want to follow me and she locked the door, we had to destroy the door with some part of the cement because it’s a German door. I bought you a car so that you will be comfortable, I gave you money for business, before our marriage, when you were bleeding non stop because of fibroid, I was with you. Even when your father said he can’t give you #100k for the operation, I gave you the money. We got married, then you were doing your masters at OAU, we didn’t have a child, you and your family started insulting me that I am not a real man. I did sperms test, it was confirmed that I was okay and I had to send my test result to another doctor in United States just to be sure. I made everything easier for you, pampered you, yet this is what you want to use to repay me. Right now, the reason for my hustling all about is to get second citizenship for you, it will cost #300k in dollars yet I never brought any burden on you. Well I am who I am, I know I can give my life out but at least I wish it’s for someone who would really appreciate it.

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