Surrounded by toxic family members, my life sucks. My love life is a hot mess, I don’t feel love, never experienced it and i don’t know if I want to. I recently just got my heart broken by someone I let myself be vulnerable with (first time) and it sucks so bad. My mood swings are bad and I wish I could turn my “emotions” off.

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  1. So I get how you feel on both ends, maybe not perfectly but I get you. As for your heart, it will heal but that’s not the interesting part….that would be that you will fall I love again and if it’s the right person, this pain will feel so worth it cause from this pain you should learn how to love and what love truly is….most people love selfishly (you love because you expect love in return) and that’s fine but true love isn’t supposed to be that way it’s supposed to be unpredictable so when you love you have a power so great it could do anything but it’s a power all so great that it could cut you as well…”point being that to be ready for love you must be ready for pain, that’s what makes love worth it in the end”… if not love is just the enemy of logic. As for your toxic family, they are family none the less, you remember that “love” I just told you about? …this is where you need it, you need a middle ground, a point from which you can love them but not loose yourself or sanity….you need clear boundaries with them, being a Nigerian this won’t be easy, but mental health above everything else and if they don’t budge, walk away and let it burn….in the end you are all you can really depend on, you need others yes but never at the expense of your self. You are the star of your show, you got this.

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