Pregnant and worried.

I just got married and already 6 months gone and we are broke ! It wasn’t always like this but since the pregnancy, things have been really hard and I am worried and sad about us not being able to take care of our baby by the time he arrives. He keeps telling and assuring me everything would be fine and he’d take care of me and the baby but I can’t stop worrying. Even hospital bag, I haven’t bought a single thing . Our businesses have been slow for the past few months, everything is just going wrong. I’m tired, sad and uncomfortable too ( carrying a child in you is not easy at all). I see his efforts, I know he is trying and I pray with all my heart that God just changes our story.
At this point, only God can do it.


  1. Please remain postive. Your thoughts become things tbh, change your mindset or thoughts. Instead of constantly thinking you’re broke start thinking of abundance, how you will feel if the money comes and feel the feeling,be grateful for the money . I
    hope you see this and I hope it helps❤️

  2. Sister don’t you worry, it’s definitely gonna be fine. Its only for a while, even bad days last for just 24hrs. So stop worrying and keep praying, try listening to Joel Osteen or watching his clips, please don’t stop praying for your husband. the comeback will be greater than the setback. Keep your heads up

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