I fucked her now husband to be. She deserved it.

I met this girl online we both live in the states. I took a flight and traveled all the way to her state to visit her. First she lied to me that she has her own place but turned out she stays with her boyfriend now fiancé. She left me at her boyfriends place and went about her business even though I went there on the weekend. I texted her to know her whereabout and she lied and said she just needed to pick up a wig from her aunt’s place. That day she didn’t come back and also stopped picking my call. Who does that? She repeated the same thing the next day. This time I didn’t bother calling her and she didn’t too. Her boyfriend came home that evening, I was in the shower. I called out to him to help me pick up my soap and when he came in, I jumped out of the shower stark naked he was shocked. I grabbed his balls and locked the bathroom door. I kissed him and he kissed back still shocked lol. I stripped him and we went into the shower together. He fucked me doggy style while I was standing under the shower. It felt so good with his big rod. He made me cum and he came too. When we finished I told him to seal his lips and we pretended nothing happened. The next day, she escorted me to the airport and I left. Both of them are set to wed and she’s even pregnant for him, she’s getting married to a cheat. Men will embarrass you but she deserved it for treating me that way. No regrets we move!!!

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