I’m 25, a 200 level student on a 5 year course. I lost the zeal of going to school even before I was admitted but was doing it for my parents because they wanted me to go. Then came the strike that lasted for almost 1 year and that was it for me, I told myself I wasn’t going back there (school), everything about it was stressing me out. I was not even doing well with my grades and I hated the course. I gathered courage and told my parents I can’t do school anymore. I have a business of my own which pays my bills and fill my savings. A lot of people have said I should just manage and finish but in my head I know if I try doing that I will end up depressed and fail most of my course because I can’t even sit for 30 minutes to read, all I think about is money. And besides school is of no use in this country if your family isn’t well connected and rich because my sister who is a graduate is not even doing a nice job, her salary is change compared to what I make in a month so everything just weak me I swear. I just want to try and save an leave the country or open more business for me. I pray God help me and I am not making a mistake.

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