I feel like a hoe!

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now, known him about 7 years and i was faithful and loyal to him, even with our fights, the fact that he is antisocial, he has OCD, has never wanted to get married and doesn’t kiss. I thought i accepted all these things about him until mid last year. I met this guy at a time my boyfriend and i were fighting, we got talking and eventually started sleeping together, even after my boyfriend and i settled, i still continued sleeping with him. Mind you, it wasn’t a relationship. Along the line, i met this his other friend, that one liked me on first sight, it was so obvious. Somehow he got my number and we started talking, after a while i ghosted on him because our conversations were getting too deep. Long story short, we got talking again, his friend and i are no longer sleeping together. Now, he and i have now talked so much that we feel a connection and we have had sex and i can tell he really likes me. One reason i got into this in the first place was because i was tired of the fights with my boyfriend and now those fights have stopped, and my conscience is fucking with me. God knows i love my boyfriend and we share this very deep bond and friendship. And right now, i feel like a hoe because this is even worse than a situationship.

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