You all know that kind of sadness that makes you speechless and don’t even know where to start writing, that’s the type I’m going through right now. Been bottling it up for long but this night there was an outburst, I don’t even know where it came from. I pray I don’t lose my sanity tonight, If I wake up peacefully tomorrow, I’d try and share my story. Life is too hard even at the age of 19💔.

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  1. Replying to the lady on “LIFE”

    My sweet angel
    I know life sucks so well and I want to to embrace it happily. Don’t let it weigh you down I want you to know you are strong and capable through Jesus.
    I have been in your shoes and still there but these words keeps me going. I know how it is to feel that way.
    I’m just 22 and trust me I started training myself without no parents not relative assistance at the age of 14.
    It hasn’t been easy. I’m happy to have graduated last week from university on BSC. I won’t lie to you baby girl It’s been GOD. He will definitely see you through ok?
    My prayers and well wishes are with you

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