I don’t really think I know what I am here for, I mean in this life. I have been singing the “self-discovery” song since I was 15, now 21 and I just don’t think I have a purpose. Most times I feel like I am just a passive observant, watching the world from a bubble. I always had this feeling right from young, I didn’t wanna get involve in “life” because I felt we were all gonna die still. I use to believe in love and relationships and all that, I dated my supposed “bestfriend” I really tried to prove girls could be faithful. After we broke up, it’s a year now I just sort of went numb. I still see the world from a bubble but this time I am drawn to wanna participate in everything the “bad stuff” more, because eventually we all still gonna die anyways. I see myself heading for the wrong path😭😭 because I am filled with so much hurt from the breakup that all I want to do is have fun and be the bad girl I was always afraid of been because love doesn’t exist and good girl doesn’t guarantee anything. Not having a older mind to talk to messes up my head the more. I just don’t where to go from here.

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