Bad mood

Good evening guys
So I have this guy we have been having sex and we kind of cool but have always had feelings for him due to something and the way the behave to me .
So tonite I let him know that I do really like him and I want to date .

He just turned me down saying he’s in a relationship and he can’t date me. We kind of close oo not just fuck mates, I think is because I have a son and also I feel like I’m not in his level, that’s one of the reasons 

But am an independent woman. I own my business
And am thanking God for my life.
I’m so into him
But this nite I’ve been crying.
I need words that can take me out of this mood
Because it’s annoying

One comment

  1. Don’t be your own worst enemy. He made it clear what he wants. Cut your losses and move on. All you have to do is choose to. Don’t settle for less than what you want. People only treat us badly if we continue to let them. Time to take charge of your inner dialog and stop renting space in your head to someone who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. Sing with me: “Let it go; let it go; can’t hold me back anymore.” Sending light n love.

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