Advice Needed

I have a very unreliable boss that makes promises and never fulfill it to people, delays my salary and would dash me some token during the delay. He is very intelligent and connected in Lagos but disregards people on the lower ladder and can be very impolite.
Now the issue is I was planning to resign without been suspicious because I am totally fed up but he suddenly came to me with an offer that will add 100% increase to my pay plus I suddenly see him making moves to fix me somewhere in the months to come. But I don’t know if I should stay or leave because I have another offer waiting for me, though not much better than my current but at least I won’t have this kind of boss!

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100 Country Trek
3 months ago

Encouraging words πŸ‘

3 months ago

So good to hear you have an offer of employment else where. The only solution is to remove yourself from the situation. He may be trying to string you along. Don’t let him.