Just Maybe

I am really frustrated, honestly! I keep helping people but get something else. Just few weeks ago, I helped someone with some money when she wanted to buy something to start a business. You can’t believe she blocked me on WhatsApp. I mean 🙉. If I asked her out or even talked about anything relationship, I’d understand but I never said anything to her. Not that I am helping to get something back but at least I’m not supposed to be getting all these. Just recently too, a guy told me he needed some money. After I sent it, he just ghosted me. Many many others like that. There’s one who talks to me ONLY whenever she needs money, but would go after I give her, then come again after some time. I mean I’m making my money legally and under my sweats. Just that I love giving because it gives me joy that other people are happy through me. But then, it looks like I’m being taken for granted! MAYBE I NEED TO STOP GIVING!

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