A girl

My ex boyfriend called me this morning to tell me his wife gave birth yesterday. I congratulated him but I honestly don’t know how I’m feeling. This is the exact same way I felt the day I heard he engaged her and the day he got married too. I honestly don’t wish it was me or say ‘ that would have been me right now’, but I’m feeling somehow.
He treated me badly after involving my family in the relationship, dragged me and my family to the mud.
Apparently, one of the girls he cheated on me with got pregnant for him and he quickly engaged and married her.
Talmabout he needed to get married, his family was on his neck and that was an opportunity. I really don’t care because that guy is wicked and deserves to suffer. If not because of God, for all the horrible things he did to me, Na to go juju and make sure he doesn’t find happiness ever again. I’m tired of waiting for karma, it’s taking too long! All these happened less than a year ago.
I’m broken, but we move✈

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