Oba T’oja

I have this girlfriend (ex bestie)
Hint: I’m a girl. She told me openly that she had sex with different men last Christmas in Owerri, some gave her #50,000, some #40,000, she saved it to buy the iPhone 8 Plus both of us planned on buying. I’m in lagos, her family is here and we live close to each other. That is how someone came to tell me that his kid brother picked big money and bought phone for everyone in their home. I was shocked like why did she lied na. This ashawo girls dey do for owerri don turn golden o. No shame is now something to be proud of more than the real thing being that the phone is gift. She later swapped it to iPhone 11, now I asked her if it’s still fuck money you used now to add to buy 11 and she blocked me. Don’t let anybody stretch you more than you can go, most flashy things you see on Instagram isn’t being bought by the poster. Move in ur space but never quit.

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