Three birthdays now and this bitch has the gall/guts/nerve/effrontery to post the most embarrassing pictures of me on Facebook of all places. I’m talking pictures that are the most unflattering. She puts so much energy to digging up these pictures yo. I have way nicer pictures. See it’s not by force to celebrate someone’s birthday, i don’t care if we’re friends or not, it’s the thought that counts for me.
I see this shit as jealousy, maybe because I’m light skinned and fleshy compared to her bony self. The more I think about the things this girl used to do to me, I just get really angry. This bitch tried to put me against her sister just because I was homeless and had to go squat with her, she told that one that I was rude and dirty, she told me that one is rude and didn’t like me in the house. We just ended up avoiding each other. I decided to talk to that girl one day and discovered so many disgusting things. The day she came back from work and saw us laughing and chatting, it was like she wanted to explode. She was just moody and angry the whole day.
You know how they always say we should be careful of how people insult us in the name of being funny, bruh, she always takes the slightest opportunity to body shame me, na Belle I get, I didn’t kill anybody. Maybe she’s jealous I actually get good guys unlike her stuck with an overbearing married man who treats her like absolute shit. I can’t say this things to people so I’m glad there’s this place I can share anonymously unlike her that discusses my business with all and sundry.
Well I’m glad I left her in 2019, just silently disappeared from her life. She tried to reach out a couple times, my dear, e go be.

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