Reading all the horrible stories about dads just makes me sad. Growing up, we all thought my dad was too harsh on us after he had a stroke we started appreciating him. My mum was his second wife and she passed away leaving four kids behind, three boys and a girl(I’m the girl). My dad took care of all of us. Somedays, it was very hard for him and kept threatening us with “I’ll run away if you worry me too much” lol I don’t know why I was scared to death hearing that but this gentleman took care of us. He even remarried and got divorced in less than a year because the woman wasn’t treating us well, just imagine. After he had a stroke, that’s when we realized we’ve been ungrateful to him all our lives. Sometimes I feel if we paid attention to him more, he wouldn’t have had a stroke but life goes on. Thank God we took good care of him till he passed on last year and all the harsh treatment apparently groomed us to be who we’re today. It’s almost a year since he passed, his business is still running and we’ve not sold any property he left behind . Thank you daddy and sorry we didn’t appreciate your effort when you were here with us.

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