I was in a relationship for three years without cheating. It never even crossed my mind and so when we broke up, some people berated me on how I should have had two boyfriends just in case. It was like being faithful was a crime. Being faithful is easy for me because when I love someone, it’s really so deep, I don’t notice anyone else. And I hardly fall in love so I don’t date because of the fun. A lot of people told me they loved me this year and wanted a relationship but I don’t love them and I declined. It wouldn’t be fair. Sometimes I get lonely but it’s alright. When the Loml comes, I’ll let you know. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not but cheating is harder. I’m not Saint or good girl but I don’t know how to. I even immediately stop being flirty if I find out a guy has a girlfriend because I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. You might shake your head and yimu at this post but it’s true. We exist. I exist.

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