It would happen that my father left us( my mum, sister & I) to look for greener pastures as they say it. It was so hard, I was pretty little but I remembered him leaving and me trying to go with him but yes. Anyways, I was unfortunately sexualised by my so-called big cousin when I was about 5-8. My mum then had to be at work so he picked us up from school and we would stay at his family’s house until she closed from work and came to pick us. My dad has no idea about this and I’m scared to tell him out of fear of what will happen to that boy, now man. He mighty actually kill him because I know how much my daddy loves me. He holds me so highly that he wouldn’t let no harm come to me, so my telling him this would break him. Oh he also calls this abuser from time to time & tells me to check up on him too. I was about 16 when he did that to me .

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