Dear future dad

Take care of your family, they are all you got. My dad did a great job by ignoring us and just doing him. He sold his properties to gamble which left him with nothing. My mom finally divorced him when he was not trying to stop but rubbing it on her, she bought a property and my dad went behind her to sell it before that he steals her money all to gamble. For the divorce, he requested my mom to pay him because he has no income since he sold it all. Call it curse or anything. To cut the long story short, we’ve all grown now. My mom built her house and so many with her very low income, sent us to school and we all are doing pretty good. My dad is very sick with no where to stay. We rented a room for him, did our best and sisters do the most. She sends him money every month but me I can’t say but I prefer to spend all my money on my mom because my mom is sick. Call me wicked but all my single dime goes to her. I only give him money when ever we meet on the road. I feel I’m wicked but I’m done with school but I’ve not gotten a good paying job, just managing. Will I be like this forever or it’s just because I don’t have much? Please stay away from gambling, it destroys

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