How can I have broken up with someone over a year ago and I still see him in my dreams, we’re even intimate in those dreams at least once a week.
In real life, I even saw him recently, I feel no ways about him, I don’t hate him neither do I like him. I feel as if we’ve never met. I’d even deny having anything to do with him if I had my way🤣🤣. I actually got over him real quick and easy. He’s the one I avoided on everything because I found out about the chick waiting for him.
What is the meaning of this , is it coming from his end? Is it normal?
My feelings are not suppressed neither am I in denial, I just feel absolutely nothing. I guess I thought I loved him because the sex was bomb.
But the dreams are getting on my nerves. I’m not horny, I’m having sex irl

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