I went out today after a long time to see my friends 🥰🥰 , it was fun. I opened up for the first time in years to tell at least one person how I fell in love with the wrong guy and ended up with him. I regret though, wish things could be different 😭😭. For years, I always go back no matter what he does but 10th of June is what I will never forget!! He finally lost me due to his misplaced priorities. I will stay with him physically but mentally we are not together anymore 🙌🙌 I will gradually work my way out of his life but I stopped loving him after today and I’m happy I have no kids with him yet 😁. Lost so many opportunities staying glued to a man who treated me like just a companion and 2nd option. I’m glad he came out straight to my face and knowing that alone makes me freee 💃. I will pray and work for myself ( is no more about him). I have neglected myself enough. Those who he placed first should care and pray for him. Baby girl is finally done!

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