There’s this girl I’m so much in love with . I can possibly not do anything without her. We were in a relationship about last year, we broke up and got back the following year. During the spaces when we broke up , something went down between I and someone close to her. I realized that what I actually did was wrong and as my girlfriend , I needed to tell her everything that was going on . I was going to tell her but I was too scared to do that . Some weeks back , she found out and she was extremely hurt . It made her feel like i never cared or loved her from the very beginning we started dating. But hey babe, I have never ever stopped loving you for a second ever. You mean the world to me and I want to be with you only . I’m really really sorry for what ever that might have happened. I never meant for it to happen seriously . I want you and nobody else . I cry every day and night knowing that you have someone else and that I pushed you away . People tell me to get over you that you’ve moved on, but the truth is I don’t want to move on, you are one of a kind babe. I feel like you are the last perfect person in the world and I can’t find another. I want you back baby , I really do want you back🥺🥺. I love you so so much. I have never been in love with someone like this to show you how special you are. I promise to be there for you no matter what and do anything you ask for as long as you are with me babe😪. I know that you don’t want us to be together ever again but babe look at the bigger picture . I care about you a lot and I don’t want to hurt you again. You are my weakness babe. Come back to me please🥺🥺😭😭

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