I’m in a long distance relationship back in Nigeria before I got here(USA) , that’s two years ago and some months . I love him and he does like so much than I do but we’re always having issues and will still get back together. He is someone that takes something things personal . Some months ago I met this guy on media ,he stays in the same state with me. We became friends and along the line , he asked me out(can anyone relate to someone you didn’t say yes to and just turn you to his girlfriend , because I can’t be the only one to experience that) . This boy is caring, like he always want to make me happy in anyway . I don’t ask him for things (materially) . There was this time I needed some cash and I asked him, he got it for me without asking for it back . It’s not that I’m being wicked but he is different to the guy I love in Nigeria , 💯difference . For the past two years even back in Nigeria , I haven’t gotten a penny from the guy in Nigeria but the one I met in few months wants to pamper me with anything he has😟😟

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