I had a boyfriend until last night when he decided to break up with me on stands that I don’t want to move back to Nigeria. I love Nigeria and it’s people, heck I’m a Nigerian myself but I grew up abroad. My father brought me here when I was barely 12 and now I’m almost 25. I call this place home.

We had a conversation last night that took a different turn and he made a comment , he said “I won’t work for nobody abroad”. I understood where he’s coming from but I also know you can start slow. Working for someone for a short while doesn’t necessary mean you can’t or won’t own yours in few years, months even. Bare in my mind that I support him with everything I’ve got, he runs a business in Nigeria and I’ve given him ideas that have turned the business to what it is today. He also added that he wants to be as close to his parents as possible. And so I asked him, are you the only child ? He’s got 4 siblings , 4 !!! I know I’m not selfish asking him to stay here with me, and I also didn’t say I wouldn’t or he couldn’t visit them anytime he wanted. He sounded like they needed to see him everyday but I know that’s a lie . I know because I talk to his mother and siblings all the time to know that it wasn’t a problem if he was here with me. Oh we had plans, we talked about how many children we wanted, what pets we’d have , the estate we would have bought together. I was so ready to begin life with this man & here I am shattered, heartbroken 😭 .

He gave me an ultimatum, to agree to come back to Nigeria and raise our kids there so their grandparents can visit when they want or
let our 3 year relationship go down the drain because he’s not willing to move abroad ?? Keep in mind that my Famile stays abroad too.

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Jamie Jordan
Jamie Jordan
5 months ago

Hey dear, I will tell you 4 Million times, please don’t move back to Nigeria. You can only enjoy here when you are rich and even then, there are still general problems that you can’t avoid like bad roads, traffic, insecurity and so much more.
He can move over, move his whole family over, not working for someone is just ego play.
Well, please ehn I need those business ideas you gave him. Incase you see this, kindly share @ Jamiejordan143@gmail.com. thanks

Jamie Jordan
Jamie Jordan
5 months ago

Don’t come to Nigeria, no matter what, he can always move his family over if he’s serious. Not working for someone is just ego. Kindly help with those business ideas if you ever See this message. My g mail is at Jamiejordan143. Thanks.