My secret

I dated a guy who was engaged last year and the relationship we had was clearly to be friends with benefits . He is married now but honestly I miss him . He gave me so much care , attention and mad sex . Despite the fact that he’s married , he still wants to get down with me but I’ve always turned him down since he’s now a married man . Anyways , I’m not in a relationship now though and I’ve been thinking of contacting him so we can have those wild sex we do have but my home training keeps reminding me that he’s a married man . But I think I’m loosing it, I crave him badly and I think I’ll ask for it 😫 . At least just this once , I feel bad though and i want to use this medium to apologize to his wife first from my heart in advance.

One comment

  1. You know, you could get someone else, someone single or maybe almost married too, whatever the case who could give you all these you crave for and more. And you could get a boyfriend from there and maybe husband, who knows

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