I wrote before about how my dad was sending my brother and I to Cyprus to school without a plan. All the things I predicted are happening. We are stranded here in Cyprus and I don’t even know where to start from. My brother’s phone went missing and now we have to share my spoilt phone. We owe our landlord 2 months rent and we haven’t even paid our water and electricity bill. My dad keeps saying he is working on it but I haven’t seen proof . He hasn’t sent money in two weeks and I had to go out and beg for money for upkeep. This is getting out of hand. My brother and I didn’t ask to come here, we wanted to school in Nigeria because we knew that our parents aren’t financially stable but my dad is too proud to admit it to himself. Getting a job is even more difficult because I can’t speak their language. My brother and I are completely helpless right now. I don’t want to be pushed in to something that I will regret but I don’t have much of a choice right now. I just pray and hope for God to come through.

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