I’m a happy bisexual but my boyfriend doesn’t know because I don’t want to freak him out , only a few friends know and it’s actually a big weight on my chest . I had this girlfriend and things were going well , it wasn’t until recently found out she cheated on me . It was funny because it was with someone really close to me. There is this my friend I decided to pour out my heart to about the break up and everything and I got to find out she is bisexual too . Mind you , I used to have a crush on this girl before and we have been talking about hooking up for days now. I know I’m not really ready for another relationship , I just want someone I can chill and talk to but I think it is too soon . She just set a date for us to meet and I feel like turning her down but I really like this girl . I just don’t wanna hurt her in the process because she very emotional and I’m not ready for relationship for now . I still really miss my ex and I’m not over what she did completely.

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