Hennessy Ati Gelato 🌳

Women are crazier cheats compared to men. I don’t care who I’m offending but Ladies, allow him. For all that matters, men don’t lose love from cheating. Women do. If he doesn’t have other girls, how can he be more understanding? Do you know cheating keeps a man on his toes? Be his girlfriend’s girlfriend. Fvck the hell out of her for having your mans attention. You know, life is not so serious. I mean, women cheat too. Like I said earlier, even crazier. So, one of my babes lost her bank job in October because she had sex with a customer then has to cover up by having sex her boss in the office. Please, allow us the same privilege to enjoy our fantasies. It is still the same ladies that complain about men cheating that have relationships with married men. Let’s not break the circle 🔄. Let what go around come back the same way. God is the greatest. 🙏


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