I’m scared I think I’m cursed or so . I have a problem I don’t know how to keep a guy for more than 3 months, one moment I’m acting lovely dovey with a guy, the next moment the guy will ghost me . It makes me feel insecure and I’m already doubting if I’m not pretty or perfect enough for a guy. Recently I’m trying to give myself space , not dating , just to focus on myself but my mom has been complaining that I’m not dating . I’m not that and am not this , she has even told her sisters and my aunties have been calling me to ask if I’ve gotten a boyfriend. I’m sick and tried , and I’m scared if I tell my mom all these , she won’t understand me😭😭😭


  1. If you want to retain your sanity, don’t live by other people’s timelines of what they feel you should have or should be doing in “your” life. Listening to them, will make you feel bad about yourself. This is your life. Set your own timeline. Be yourself because it’s impossible to make everyone happy. It’s what makes you happy that counts.

    Sending light-n-love. 🙂

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