I love boobs. I love their sphericity and asymmetry. I love their density, the salty taste of skin and the roughness of nipples. I like to knack.

But I cannot get laid as often as I want. Most girls want some level of loyalty or some sort of commitment before they give you access to the coochie. Me? I just want to explore all my fantasies and give somebody’s daughter pleasure. Lick neck, nipples etc …P.S that neck is a crazy spot!

I don’t want to deceive any girls just for the sake of the coochie. I would be revolted by the thought of f**king a prostitute….I prefer to have some sort of connection with my partners. I prefer to f**k those who I at least like and know.

I’ve only had sex once. I want more! I want to give oral and receive. I want to try all the techniques of tantric sex.

How do I get laid more without deceiving girls ? How do I get to meet girls who are as interested in sex as I am ?

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