So recently me and my boyfriend had some issues , and we almost broke up but then we settled it and he said he doesn’t want what we have to end , it felt great but for a short time.
Yesterday he talked about wanting to be alone , he just wants to be away from his phone for a while . I said okay not to sound selfish for wanting his attention but it seems he was kind of feeling down. I decided to let him be and then I said okay just take care I’d call you when I have airtime. The messages delivered all of them I kept on texting asking him about his decision he made of letting his phone be but he is online ? He refused to reply until this morning he sent me voice notes of him crying and saying he doesn’t want to loose me but he’s been online for hours I didn’t sleep on time to know when my messages would stop delivering!! He was online on Instagram , I went to his page and he just followed four different girls! I’m just not understanding his attitude . One minute he is happy , the next he has mixed feelings . I don’t understand , I’m confused 😐

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