So I have this male friend. We met in college a few years back and we just clicked, we’ve been cool ever since. He’s one of those friends you could tell anything, he’s spent time at my apartment even helped me get ready for dates. We’ve never been intimate, he’s only seen me in my undies once because he walked in on me changing but i respect the boundaries because he’s in a relationship. A few days ago, he called me saying he wanted to come over because he needed to vent. So I wore something decent and told him he can come. He started telling me about the argument he had with his girl . I just listened; I try not to involve myself in people’s relationship. While we were talking I moved over and gave him a hug . While we were hugging , he buried his head in my breasts and started squeezing them. I shifted back and then he started apologizing. I gave him food to take home with him and honestly wanted to act like it never happened but he texted after saying “ I’m sorry you’re really sexy, I couldn’t help it”. I haven’t responded, I don’t know how we can go back to being close friends.

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