This sh*t is driving me crazy. I have a very close female friend who is more than a sister to me . I genuinely respect her more than she could ever imagine, I mean we are way past relationship stuff and we have been friends for more than 10years . About last week I contacted her on IG to give me her new number because I noticed that her old line wasn’t reachable . The next DM I received was her account number that I have to send her money if I want her phone number. I actually thought she was joking and persisted, she texted me saying that she doesn’t give her number out to people that are not serious. I mean, I have supported her financially and otherwise ( without sex) even more than any guy she has dated. The most annoying thing is that she posted our chat on her storyline, I mean who does that . I can’t even wrap my head around what I did to offend her. I’m still trying to convince myself that someone hacked her IG but then again the account number she sent me was hers. If she needed money so badly why didn’t she ask me ? I’m seriously at war with myself trying to figure things out and at the same time I’m pissed with her.

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