My mind was just wandering and then it reminded me of my first love. 
She left me because I caught her cheating. I was madly in-love with her and I still begged her to stay. She treated me like trash and walked away leaving me broken.
I was naive and innocent. Smh.

It took me a while to pick myself up and time had made all the difference. Today, with all honesty, I wouldn’t even date such a person. Time has changed. Growth happened. 
But I learnt from that experience. I learnt not to be deep when the other person is on the surface. I learnt to place myself above every other person and it is not being selfish. It’s self-love. I have learnt that being genuine is the right thing to do and if people treat you bad, dock. It’s their loss, not yours.

Twice, she’s trying coming back into my life, I blocked all access and she knows she lost a good guy.
And this is to all the persons being treated badly and heartbroken, you deserve better. How can you imagine that without them you cannot live? There’s so much about you and your destiny. Move on!

You’ll look back like I do and wonder what was even wrong with you to want such a person!

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