I love my boyfriend. Or do I still ? 😔 We’ve been together a few years now, through thin and thick and I’m sure he’ll make a solid husband and father. The more time that passes, the less sure I become of us. We feel more incompatible and now I understand how a woman can turn down a long time lover’s proposal. I consciously work to get and maintain those tingly feelings, mentally and physically. It’s getting harder and I feel like we’ll eventually break up. I’m not as excited to see his name on my phone as I used to be, I just expect it. Still, we almost broke up recently because I expressed these thoughts and feelings, and I ended up panicking and asking him to stay and try to fix things. Is it cause we’ve been together a few years now ? He’s a good person, I just feel bored. And trapped. I know this might be me sabotaging myself so I’m truly confused. Can I rebuild the attraction and resurrect the butterflies ? Should I just let it go before wasting more of both our time ? Should love be this much work ? This is making me depressed.

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