I am aware that in a few months time he’ll be getting married . Although i had my suspicions earlier i got confirmation last month . We’ve been friends since last year , we agreed we’d stay just friends but somehow one thing led to another and feelings came into play . We are deeply in love but it won’t stop him from getting married to her . He claims not to love her , he says it’s like a debt he owes her and the only way to repay is by marrying her . I asked what happens to me? no response ! I know i feel it , he truly loves me . I also do but what can i do ? As days turn months my heart aches , my eyes become misty , my thoughts race and i become so afraid of letting him go but i have to . If i don’t we will keep this on even after he is married and i don’t want to break a home . I am not confused to know what to do . I am scared of letting go (not born out of loneliness,i just wish we can still stay as we are.
I thought i could handle mere friendship with him but his aura was irresistible.

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