What a world we live in.
Isn’t it alarming the fact that most of what is being shared in this platform is the fact that a lot of people are confused, tired about life to the point most are considering suicide. What is going on with life ? Are they poisoning our foods, water? Is it true we are being mind controlled by literally everything around us ranging from what we see on tv ? What we see in social medias ?
Think about it, soo much poverty but yet no one gives a fuck and yet the celebs we can’t seem to unfollow keeps posting cloths, cars and fancy stuffs . Why ? No job anywhere to even feel alive . Ok fine you’ve gotten a job . Congrats . Now start saving out of your 150k per month. In the next 5 years you can’t afford a dope ass brand new car . It’ll be stupid to spend your savings on a car sef because you’ve got a lot of shit to take care of . I know some of you reading will say “that’s why u need to do business or invest” Yea right if it’s that easy everyone would make it . Life will always find a way to punch you right in the face . Something will always go wrong . No need to be all religious . This is life and reality . Our foods and water have been poisoned, they need us to be depressed, they need us to stop trying and wanna give up on life . All movies and cartoons out there is filled with so much emotions we can relate to and most of those movies ends up with the actors killing themselves or being suicidal and stuffs like that. Most music puts us in depressed state . Now what are we going to do? Well life is unfair . People are wicked and evil. The rich are proud and selfish . They put up a donation scheme “clothing the children” “feeding the poor” “ending world hunger” really ? Who are they kidding? They’re purposely releasing viruses to reduce the world population “lassa fever” “ebola” “corona”. They’re purposely destroying peoples life’s just to make them give up . Calling it the ” califonia wildfire” which doesnt even make sense because it obviously all means of population control . They are killing us.
Yeah i dont have a solution “yet” but im just here to pour it all out.

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