Lesbian controversy

So this girl I’ve been fucking for 3 years is getting married now. Scary thing is , her to be husband is scaring me o . He found out we were fucking and normal sha he felt bad and things weren’t so good between them. He made her promise not to frolick with me again . She is way older than me but she listens to everything I say . Now one weekend like that she calls me and tells me she misses me and that she wants to fuck. Normal me sha, I responded telling her how much I want her and what I want to do to her . Guys she legit kept telling me baby I love you, I love the way you eat me out, I love the way you fuck me, I love how our pussy feels when we scissors, men I don go far as she Dey talk all this one. A little while later I hear voice in the background and I ask, she says it’s her guy. Me I now asked, did he just come in . She said no that he’s been there all this while. Even when she fucks him, she’ll tell him how much she loves me etc The guy legit told me one day that he knows I’m in love with his babe. Should I be scared ? He told her to come and fuck me anytime she wants as long as she’s not doing it behind him. The both of them Na correct church people o, so me I’m scared of this guy . Let him not threaten my life one day. He said if he can’t satisfy her that she should come to me . Is it normal .

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