Happy now

So you know when you love someone Soo much and you try to show them that no matter what , you’ll still be there for them . Guess what, it’s over.😊😊😊 Done being a good girlfriend . The guy I’m dating just proved to me that he is only with me for sex. We don’t live in the same region so sometimes he comes over to visit. Last week he told me he was coming over. I was soo happy buh later asked me when I am expecting my period and i told him any moment for now . His reply was ‘then when i come , we can’t fuck . Like really . I don’t ask for anything from him because I thought he just started the journey of success and so I should be considerate and not bother him with money issues but this guy will be buying stuffs online while he has borrowed money from me but hasn’t paid yet. Well it’s over . This heart of mine is closed from loving someone genuinely .
I’m sorry for my next guy because he is going to be the one to suffer .

One comment

  1. The only ones who’ll suffer are the wrong guys. It’s good to have standards and to stick with them. That’s how we take care of ourselves when confronted with people who want to use us. Now you know the signs and you’re better equipped. People only continue to hurt us if we let them.

    You’ve learned another lesson. Apply it to any future guys. Watch for the red flags that show you that you’re repeating past mistakes. You’ve got this, and I’m cheering you on. Where your thoughts go; your energy flows. Keep it positive. Sending light-n-love.

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