I really like this girl, we dated for a while but I know I don’t have enough right now to keep her. Don’t get me wrong . She doesn’t ask for anything, neither is she needy . However she’s more on the classy and fancy side. I’m talking expensive perfume, nice wigs and so on. ( which she buys for herself). She has never asked me to buy her anything, not even gas money. I know she hates that I can’t take her out. I’ve never taken her out before and we don’t do anything fun . She’s offered to pay for dates and some stuff but I declined because I can’t have her pay for dates. After we broke up, I begged her and she came back only for me to fuck up and guilt trip her into buying me food (yet I’ve never bought her anything) . She cried on our way home saying “I just wish I could be treated the way I treat others”. She told me to focus on my life and be better before getting into a relationship. She’s gone and I don’t blame her. While we were dating I always feared when she went out because she’s one of those extremely beautiful girls that don’t even act like they’re pretty . I feared a rich man will snatch her up. On her birthday she asked for makeup. It was a powder or something costing roughly $30 and I told her I didn’t have ( but I stupidly ordered $200 worth of sneakers for myself and was showing her). She went out and bought it for herself with a Michael kors wallet as well only for me to find out the makeup product was actually $48 and she cut the price down for me. She’s gone and I want her back . I’m far older than her, she’s in her early 20s . I’m sure she’s on a date with someone as I’m typing.

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