I have been dating this guy for 2 years now , known him for 6 years . We were initially friends but the universe has a funny way of incorporating people into our lives .
The circumstances in which we started dating and fell in love are not ordinary . He has always told me his fear about marriage and all because of some things he experienced while growing up but I never left , I stayed .
Now everyone has issues in relationships , some intense , some subtle . We have issues so intense that would make us wanna end things with one another but in that same time when we wanna let go , we still end up coming back to each other . Each time I have prayed to God to take him away if he isn’t the one for me but it’s in that same time that he comes closer to me and it seems like everything will be alright .
Recently , we were having a deep conversation about how we can manage our differences and not make it escape and he said some that has got me confused . He loves me and I know .
He said he wants me around him always , loves being with me and all but feels i am not the one for him because I am this kind of person who likes spontaneous things . I like adventures meanwhile he is this calm person but all my life no man has been able to tame my adventurous streaks except him . When we have issues , I like to talk about it instantly and resolve it but likes to wait it out , analyze the issues and all . I wanna leave but i can’t leave . Each time he says he wants to leave , he always comes back . I don’t know if to wait it out , pray and hope for the future because I have never loved anyone genuinely except this guy . I know he loves me too as much but I feel like his brain and heart are constantly having a battle .

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