I think my family is the most dysfunctional one in Nigeria . For starters , my dad is such a spendthrift when it comes to outsiders . Its not like he doesn’t provide for us but he’s very generous outside . I remember when I was using a techno k7 and my dad gave his iPhone 7 to one of his babes . We’ve been living in rented apartments all my life but he’s a contractor who makes so much money . All he’s done is buy lands in I and my siblings names . Now there’s my mum always making excuses for not working that he told her to stay at home and take care of us . Ok now we’re all big . Mama look for how you’ll help yourself now , that’s a problem . She’s always saying how much she regrets her life yet does nothing to improve the situation . It’s annoying really and my dad treats her like a fucking doormat . It’s so annoying , pathetic and sad at the same time.

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