So I met this girl last month , I liked her so we started dating. When we had sex she kept calling me her ex boyfriend name at intervals. That put me off and I felt she still loves this guy and she still meets up with him but they are no longer dating. So this made me change towards her but I didn’t break up with her because i still love her. When she noticed I changed , she said she will teach me a lesson that I think I could fuck her and go free that she is HIV positive. Omo my heart cut. I cried because I am not the type that sleeps around. I have been single for months before this girl . Now that I thought I could have a relationship she’s telling me this. After 2 days , she came to tell me she was only kidding that she doesn’t have HIV. Now she wants us back because after she mentioned it at first I didn’t talk to her afterwards. I don’t think I can take her back because she hurt me with that expensive joke. But I like her too much already . I don’t think I can leave her. I am confused

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