Continuation from my previous post.
Thanks to the guys that commented on the post, they made me reflect on it.
I’ve been in a dark place. I was having suicidal thoughts, I wanted to do self harm, I needed help but there was no one . I had to force myself out of it when I realized there’s more to life and I only had myself.
It’s not something I want my enemy to go through. Sometimes I wish I can just help people go through that situation because I’ve been there.
I get sad when I see someone in that situation and I can’t help, most especially someone I care about. That’s why when I’m with someone I know needs help, I forget about myself and just want the person to become better.

One comment

  1. I didn’t see the previous post. That said, I’m so happy others were available to lift you. I’ve gotten into some mindsets when I felt like nothing could ever get better. As I wake every day since, I’m so thankful I gave it another chance. Here’s to a good day today and a great start tomorrow.

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