My uncle slept with my sister while she was like about 14 years when she stayed with him. It happened for a year but later she left the place and got over the molestation. 7 years later she opened up to me about it and I was so furious. I seek revenge, I look good, I worked hard for it, nice abs and all.

My uncle later got married and I stayed in his place in disguise of working close but I am financially stable. I made advances at his wife, about 3 years older than I am. Got friendly, sent her messages, movies and porn intentionally, left the bathroom door unlock when I fake peeing so she’ll see me naked. I let it all play in her head and this happens when we are alone. One day, I made my move and we started having sex with CD. Now she can’t get over me and I burst the CD most times without her consent. She plans to flee with me after she realized she’s pregnant, she doesn’t even know I am behind it.
After we flee I will let my uncle know what he did. He will pay.

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