I’ve been crushing on this lady for some time now, shooting my shot back to back. Well , she finally said yes and yeahhh it was awesome..
So fast forward to the day we gon get freaky😋, we were kissing and damn she so hot i couldn’t resist going down to give her some head . I started licking from her chest down to her belly button but suddenly the atmosphere changed , i stopped . She asked what’s wrong , i said nothing and as I was about to continue, Jesu i almost died….haaaa haaaa her kitty was smelling soooo baddd . I swear till now i sometimes have nightmares about that fateful day . I know this might sound funny but trust me its not . haaaaa that kitty was smeeelllinggg. I had to stop and act like nothing was wrong . I told her that night I’m so sorry i cant do this , there’s something you need to know (I swear I had to lie) I said “I’m not over my ex and I don’t want to be intimate with you without telling you the entire truth . We talked and chat and I kept coming up with different lies and stories that never happened till she got tired and said ” I don’t think I can be ur gf” Damn bruhhh I was so glad with that statement . We slept off . Ladies please for God sake treat your body like a temple, don’t wear same panties for ages without washing or I dunno . However y’all are supposed to clean . Every kitty has an odour “correct” but I swear down this one was worst I swear haaaa . I almost cried because of that smell and even till now when I wanna eat and I remember, nice appetite lost . I love myself some good Kitty😋😋 Thanks

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