When I tell people I like my dad than my mom, it sounds weird . I have a younger brother so there’s this Big Bro all my family knew my mom gave birth to him . According to me and my younger brother he’s my mummy nephew.
I just discovered that my mom has a son before me . Thinking all these while that I’m the first born . It’s really affecting me in the sense that why would my dad marry someone who has an 8 years old child and this my mom is an hypocrite . I’m not sorry to say that she’s always the first person to gossip and condemn about any lady having a child before marriage
N.B My dad has another wife and two lovely kids maybe 10 years old and 6 years old respectively and I’m really glad about it . He’s a responsible man , I think he just did that at his own comfort . Now I’m suspecting my younger brother , he looks much like my mom and the Big Bro . Thinking we’re not of same father . I resemble my dad . I now feel bad about my mom and saluting my dad for never showing it . He has sent this Big Bro to Dubai. What I’m sharing here today no-one knows about it except our closed family , really close family . None of my mom’s friends knows she had a kid before marriage.
So Sad

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