I am about to do something I don’t think i should do but i am really so tempted to. I have a girlfriend of 3 years who I love so much but we dont have sex because she is a virgin and I don’t pressure her for sex. Last year November she invited me to her sister’s wedding and in the wedding she introduced me to her child friend (friend turned sister) . This friend was all over me but I felt it’s normal , so after the wedding she asked to give her my number in the presence of my girlfriend and my girlfriend didn’t say anything . She was even like give her , I trust her , she cant steal my boyfriend. Fast forward to January , this girl messaged me and boom she started saying how she wished she had a boyfriend like me because her friend says a lot about me. Then she went on saying how her friend doesn’t deserve a guy like me because her friend is not my type. I played along and now she’s about to come over to my place to spend 3 days with me. I am scared and at the same time I really need to have sex. My girlfriend is around now at my house and she still insists I book an hotel for her. Please I need someone to talk me of this madness I’m about to do.

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