Hope is enough

I really hope that one day I’ll find my person. Today is Valentine’s Day and my ex texted me. I find it odd that he still thinks we will be together again. Our relationship wasn’t perfect, we argued more than we were friends, the final straw was after an exchange of hurtful words . I decided that there can’t be a future with him and I own up to my attitude problems too.
I just wish that I can genuinely say I love someone deeply with all my heart and the person will feel the same about me too . I daydream often— and it’s good to imagine and pray for a good partner. I ignored my ex’s message where he oddly called me his “love” he’s never said that to me in the 9 months we were together.
Anyways, my dad reminded me that I’m still young and gorgeous, and I shouldn’t rush life. I’m thankful for that.

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