Hairy beauty

I love my girlfriend. She’s very attractive, nice body, very classy and beautiful. She also smells amazing and looks so seductive with her glasses on. My thing is, she’s very hairy , not in a bad way though . Her parents have a head full of hair as well as her sister that I met. The other day , she put her hair in a bun after taking off her wig and I realized she has sideburns. (I’ve never seen it before because she doesn’t wear her hair up often). It’s attractive and connected to her hair line, but I feel less of a man. I don’t have that much hair, just a short stache and a goatee. I don’t even have sideburns. The mistake I made was saying something insensitive to her. I told her maybe she might have a hormonal issue, she told me to leave her place and hasn’t spoken to me in 3 days. I’m embarrassed about my behavior knowing how sensitive the topic of hair is for some ladies and she also told me about being called a Wolverine when she was younger. I know she takes meds for her cycle and visits the doctor regularly. My brother told me I fucked up. I just want my baby back but she won’t return my calls!

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