Hy connotarians

I have a confession . I’ve been dating (not really dating though) this guy since August . He his married with 2 beautiful children , we mainly just have sex and he credits my account once in a while . Not that I ask though, maybe he feels it’s the right thing to do since he his having the c**kie . At first it was okay , we talk online and all, calls once in a while . Now I’m beginning to feel attached and I want more, I want the lovy dovy relationship, I want him to show me to every one surrounding his world I’m his!!!, I want him to see me more than something that makes his sexual life at ease lol ( I sound crazy right?).

Well I’m hopeful on breaking things off soon though , but if I do who would help me financially 😔 . I’m not the material type but the fact he gives without me asking has been really helpful and also protect my pride . Fellow connotarians I’m confused . I know the right thing to do but somehow this feels right even when all shades of wrong are written all over it.

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